Daze End

A random, disconnected catharsis that I'll indulge in whenever I see fit to do so.

A little about me:

The wedding is over. I'm a "Mrs.". Now what?

I like to knit and horseback ride, which already probably files me in the 'quirky' category. I've become vaguely obsessed with fitness and nutrition, but am a notorious cheater. I ran a half marathon once, and someday, I might even put my running sneakers on again. I've also recently begun another obsession with gardening, which has morphed into a fascination with methods of preserving/enjoying my harvest, and once again to the art of home brewing. On any given day, my blog may cover one or more of these topics.

Is that a doll? Nope it’s my kid. I made that. #whatsyoursuperpower

This is what bed rest looks like. Think the mailman wants me dead yet?

Fall sunset in the ‘burg. #nofilter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

First fall fire.

Looks like perfect summer running weather to me… #CDSG5K #scotgamessunday

First baby boy swag. This kid is so lucky.

Even in a bad year, you can always count on beans. #NoGMO #organicbackyardfarmer

PYO blueberries. #foodporn

Not much of a harvest, but I’ll take it.